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Client Reporting Filters

When creating a report, there are multiple ways to filter for the information you require. This guide will detail the difference between the filter options in Plannr.

Here you can filter by groups. More information on groups is available here.

Select the mode. This can be all clients of the selected group or select clients of the group. Choosing select clients brings up a box allowing you to type to find the desired client.

This filter option allows you to select whether you want the data from clients who are or aren't prospects.

Here you can filter for specific client types. More information on client types can be found here.

You can select a status to filter by. More information on client statuses can be found here.

Here you can select whether the report should use imperial or metric measurements.

Here you have the option to include custom fields. When the ‘yes’ option is selected, your custom fields will appear below. In the screenshot below, you can see my custom fields starting with ‘Can Drive’. More information on this is available here.

This option allows you to filter by tags. More information on tags is available here.

Here you can input dates to filter out clients created outside of those dates.

These last options allow you to select the sorting method and whether or not it should be ascending or descending.

Updated on: 18/10/2023

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